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What is #mindright?

  • July 7, 2021

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see me share the same photo nearly every day. Taken from above (it’s a very tricky angle),  it shows me sitting cross-legged on the gym floor or turf, with “#mindright” superimposed over my right leg.

If you’re new, you might not know what that hashtag means, or the significant role it’s played in my personal growth, mental health, or relationship with god. Sure, I’ve talked about it in a dozen different places throughout the years, but this is the first time I’ve been able to consolidate all of those resources in one place! Below, I’ll explain the #mindright practice, help you start your own version (if you so choose), and share some tips for getting into the groove of meditation.

The background

I’ve been researching the benefits of meditation since I wrote It Starts With Food in 2011. The more I read, the more I believed meditation was the key to everything; physical health, emotional health, spirituality, resilience. But despite trying really hard, I could never develop a habit of meditating. Me, the upholder! I’d tried guided meditations, listening to my breath, loving kindness meditations, day, night, no matter what, it never stuck. Until my friend Todd McCullough sat us down after a hard workout in Nashville in a room full of strangers, told me to close my eyes, and walked me through a mindright meditation session.

From that day on, I’ve never missed a session.

I promise, you don’t need to have a spiritual practice or religious affiliation to reap the benefits, although I do use my time on the turf to listen to god. (You know those messages from the universe I share on Instagram? They come from this practice.) Mindright is for anyone who wants to feel more connected to a higher power, others, or themselves, who wants to show up in life with more capacity and grace, who trusts that in just a few minutes a day, you can fill your own cup so you have more to give to those you love.

The basics

The mindright meditation practice has four parts: gratitude, lifting someone up, setting your intention for the day, and being still and listening. You don’t set a timer or listen to anyone guide you through it; it’s done on your own, and you can adjust each piece to serve your needs in the moment.

The best way to learn all about the history, benefits, practical application, and how to get started with your own practice is to listen to my Do the Thing podcast with Todd. (Every episode has a full written transcript.) It’s the most comprehensive explanation of mindright there is, and Todd and I dive into the origins, the differences in our two practices, and the benefits we’ve both seen.

You can also see this post on Instagram, where I share a quick FAQ about the practice.

If you want to see what it looks like in action, check this time-lapse video that I took on a typical Saturday morning at my gym. Don’t be intimidated! Wait until I get to the benefits. (This is a wonderful opportunity to claim your worth and value.)

The benefits

I can in all confidence say that my post-workout mindright time is hands-down the single most impactful part of every morning. It’s loud, it’s busy, it’s chaotic and distracting. And yet most days when I end my practice and open my eyes, I’m calmer, more centered, more grounded, and clear on my intentions for the day. Whether you use mindright to connect to the universe, connect back to yourself, or fill your own cup so you can better connect to others, I truly believe this simple practice can help you discover your purpose as a human being, a parent, a partner, a leader, and a friend.

This is my reflection after four weeks of daily mindright sessions, and another update at the 7-month mark.

I also shared a personal growth moment while traveling to NYC on business,  and attempting to meditate in the middle of a crowded mid-town Equinox.


It’s been nearly four years since my first mindright session with Todd. Since then, I’ve meditated in my gym, in countless gyms around the country as I’ve traveled, on mountaintops, by glistening alpine lakes, on paddleboards, and in my own garage during COVID. I’ve done mindright around barbells dropping from overhead, tourists shooting photos of the scenery, my kid asking for more Robux, and my dog nuzzling in for affection.

I haven’t missed a day.

I’m all about small habits that make a BIG impact, and even better if they’re free, require virtually no effort, and can be tacked onto something you’re already doing (like a workout, spin class, yoga session, hike, or walk). I hope this resource helps you discover your own version of mindright.

And if you ever see me about to meditate in the gym or on a hike, feel free to sit your butt down and join me. It’s always easier the first time if you’ve got a friend to lead you through it.


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