Hiking resource roundup

  • October 11, 2021
Melissa in a desert scene, with XO,MU overlaid in text

I’ve shared a lot of resources on hiking in all seasons. In this living article, I’m rounding up my top resources for hiking gear, favorite clothing, and tips for all seasons. Check back often, as I add to your year-round hiking know-how!

Hiking Gear, Clothing, and Tips

My hiking must-haves: You’re always asking, “What’s in your backpack?” Here is a list of my favorite products for safe, fun hiking in all seasons.

Summer hiking 101: Listen to outdoor expert Kristen Bor of Bearfoot Theory and I talk about how to get started or deepen your summer hiking practice.

Summer hiking clothing: I’ll share what I wear on summertime trails (with links!) head-to-toe

Fall hiking tips: (Coming soon!) How to transition from summer hiking to crisp, cool fall trails safely and comfortably

Winter hiking clothing: (Coming soon!) I’ll detail what I wear in the coldest of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing temps to stay toasty, dry, and safe.

Bonus Material

You belong: My musings from the trail, for anyone who has ever felt they weren’t outdoorsy/fit/active/adventurous enough to “belong” in nature

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