Winter Hiking, Part 2

In this Winter Hiking Guide part two, I cover the accessories you’ll need (a variety of spikes, snowshoes, and poles) to make your snow-covered trails passable and safe. (Look back to part one for winter clothing!)

Winter Hiking, Part 1

In this part one, I share my head-to-toe winter hiking clothing to stay warm, dry, and comfortable in a variety of winter conditions. See part two for spikes, snowshoes, and poles.

Melissa’s 2021 No-Gift Guide Part 1

I stopped exchanging gifts at Christmas 15 years ago. Here’s exactly how I did it, and some scripts you can use to get off the gift-train too.

The 2021 Holiday No-Gift Guide, Pt 2

In Part 1, I explained exactly how I went “no gifts” for the holidays. If that’s too extreme for you, this Part 2 will help you pare down your gift exchanges to alleviate stress.

Melissa’s Do The Thing Podcast

My thing is helping people change their health, habits, and relationship with food–but this podcast goes way beyond food. We’ll explore what’s been missing every time you’ve tried to do the thing, and can help you level up for good.

Melissa’s Books

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