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How to Set Boundaries With Family Without Feeling Guilty. As millennials and Gen Z embrace therapy-speak and set boundaries with family, their baby boomer parents might wonder what’s going on.


‘Stay in a Hotel!’ Expert’s Top Tip for Surviving the Holidays With In-Laws

Oprah Daily

9 Books That Can Help Prevent Family Fights During the Holidays: These reads might just save you a trip to your therapist.

MU with the hosts of GMA3, DeMarco and Rhiannon


Expert tips for keeping your relationships happy & healthy: New York Times bestselling author Melissa Urban shares her relationship golden rule and gives advice for maintaining strong, positive relationships.

The Best Books to Get You Through a Messy Divorce

A reading list to help you cope with the complicated process of divorce

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We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle

Rethinking boundaries as giving voice to your worth and health; the top (surprising) signs that it’s time to set a boundary; managing “energy leakage;” and boundaries and scripts with in-laws, friends, and romantic partners.

CBS Mornings set featuring Book of Boundaries

CBS Morning

Amazon Books Editorial Director Sarah Gelman shares her top books for the new year

Melissa Urban on School of Greatness

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

In this episode you will learn: Key boundaries you need to create in your relationship, the hidden challenges and benefits of creating boundaries for yourself, and how to step away from people who don’t respect your boundaries.

The Guardian: How to Set Healthy Boundaries, and Stop Letting Anxiety and Guilt Get in the Way

Whether it’s family expectations at Christmas, ground rules in a new relationship or the demands of working from home, people are always overstepping boundaries. But how do you establish a limit – and then stick to it?

MU with book

The Salt Lake Tribune: Utah author writes ‘The Book of Boundaries,’ and talks about where she sets hers

Melissa Urban, co-founder of the Whole30 program, says people need a sense of where to draw the line.

Sharon McMahon, podcast host

Here’s Where It Gets Interesting, with Sharon McMahon

Sharon speaks with Whole30 CEO Melissa Urban about setting boundaries and our tendency to struggle with saying no. Melissa’s green, yellow, and red light framework for boundaries provides an easy guide to both sharing our boundaries with others and easing our anxiety and dread during difficult conversations.

CTV Your Morning

‘My needs matter’: Tips for setting boundaries and saying ‘no.’ Author Melissa Urban gives insight into what boundaries are to improve mental health and productivity while maintaining existing relationships.

Katie Couric: How to Set Boundaries, and Truly Make Them Stick

Author and Whole30 co-founder Melissa Urban offers up ways to protect your own peace.

Everything Happens with Kate C. Bowler

Melissa Urban’s experience of chronic illness forced her to accept her body’s limitations. You are going to love her practical advice for setting healthy boundaries as a way to protect our relationships, manage our limited capacity, and remind ourselves of our inherent worth.

Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeau

Set boundaries! The 3 Boundaries every woman must set in a relationship. (Available in audio form wherever you listen to podcasts.)

Happier Podcast with Gretchen Rubin

We discussed: Why people struggle so much with boundaries; what her experience with drug addiction taught her about boundaries; the difference between a boundary and trying to control someone else; the green/yellow/red stages of boundaries; key insights that resonate the most.

Healthier Together Podcast with Liz Moody

Setting Better Boundaries: Overcome Uncomfortable Conversations, Spot Manipulation Red Flags, & Take Back Control Of Your Time with Melissa Urban

Tell Me Something True Podcast with Laura McKowen

Ep. 66: Melissa Urban on How Boundaries Will Set You Free

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Mindbodygreen Podcast with Jason Wachob

Melissa Urban: “A boundary is not designed to control someone else.” Melissa joins mbg co-CEO Jason Wachob to discuss how to create healthy boundaries.

Pretty Intense Podcast with Danica Patrick

Melissa Urban is the co-creator of the original Whole30 Program, a 30-day self-experiment that has helped millions of people change their health, habits, and relationship with food.

The Tamron Hall Show

Whole30 co-founder Melissa Urban on how her past drug addiction led her to creating the Whole30 program.

Live with Kelly and Ryan

Whole30 creator Melissa Urban takes you through family-favorite dishes that you can reinvent to boost nutrition.

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