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Buck Naked Kitchen by Kirsten Buck

I’m so thrilled to celebrate the release of our next #Whole30Endorsed cookbook, Buck Naked Kitchen, from 2016 Whole30 Recipes Star Kirsten Buck. The book features 100 recipes (74 of which are Whole30 or easy to make compatible), and features her signature plant-forward dishes with vibrant colors and unique flavor combinations.⁣

I got a little emotional writing the foreword for this book, knowing Kirsten’s journey. As with many of us, she didn’t always have a healthy relationship with food. But over the years, I’ve watched her transform herself through her food, practicing cooking as a form of self-care and using her confidence in the kitchen to help her tackle challenging personal growth initiatives.⁣

Buck Naked Kitchen is more than just a cookbook; it’s a true labor of love. And I know you’ll adore Kirsten through these pages and dishes the way I have come to adore her over the last four years. ⁣Congratulations, Kirsten. I am so proud of you.

Call your local independent bookstore, order a copy for your e-reader (bonus—easy to highlight recipes you love!), or check your local Target or Barnes & Noble online for an in-stock copy.⁣ Here’s where you can find it on Amazon/Kindle.

[Image: Me, sitting cross-legged on the floor, holding a copy of Kirsten Book’s NEW Whole30 Endorsed cookbook, Buck Naked Kitchen. Try Mom’s Hamburger Soup on page 201 immediately.]⁣

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