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The Primal Gourmet by Ronny Joseph Lvovski

I am thrilled to introduce you to the next book in our official Whole30 Endorsed series, The Primal Gourmet. Featuring 123 crave-worthy recipes (100 of which are Whole30-compatible), Ronny’s new cookbook features mains, sides, salads, and a huge selection of dressings and sauces with his signature special touches and life-changing kitchen tips. During our virtual tour event, we made the Broccoli Steaks from page 209, and in just 10 minutes I was eating the best broccoli I have ever had and learned a few tips for making the most of your produce.

CONGRATULATIONS on your smashing debut, Ronny. ❤️

[Image: the second in a series of “Melissa dresses like the book cover,” featuring Ronny Joseph’s NEW cookbook The Primal Gourmet. Available everywhere books are sold in the US or Canada]

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