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Strong Women Lift Each Other Up by Molly Galbraith

  • April 21, 2021

Strong Women Lift Each Other Up

I am asked often to write book blurbs and forewords. I take this request seriously, and need to have a personal relationship with the author and be fully supportive of the content to say yes. When Molly asked me to write the foreword for her first book, Strong Women Lift Each Other Up, I wrote back an immediate HELL YES.

First, it’s Molly, who has shown up for me in so many thoughtful ways over the last 6 years. (See: the carrot cupcakes I wrote about in the foreword). Second, as soon as I dug into the manuscript, I realized it’s the book I wish I had when I was stuck in an unhealthy marriage, trying to build a business, and second-guessing almost everything about myself and my worth.

I saw women as my competition. I was constantly jealous, always comparing (and coming up short), and never accepted help or support. I told myself “I just get along better with men.” That wasn’t true. I just didn’t know how to spot or call bullish*t on everything I had been taught about how women “were.”

This book does just that, in the most graceful and affirming way possible.

It’s packed with action items, self-reflection cues, and personal anecdotes from her own life, all designed to help you shine as bright as you know you can, and be a light for others. Molly is so good at writing about how to lift other women up because she LIVES IT. And her new book is THE book for women who want to effectively support other women and (equally important) allow themselves to be supported too.

[Image: Me, sitting cross-legged on the floor holding a copy of my dear friend Molly Galbraith’s new book, Strong Women Lift Each Other Up. I’m dressed in the colors of the book cover, bright blue and navy, and my hair is looking blonder than ever.]

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