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The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter

The book that got me into rucking: The Comfort Crisis

One of my favorite categories of books is “nonfiction that reads like can’t-put-it-down fiction.“ (One example: Born to Run.) Another category is “so inspiring I immediately changed my own life.” (See Byron Katie’s Loving What Is.)

Michael Easter’s new book The Comfort Crisis is BOTH.

I read it in three days. The tale of his epic adventure in the Arctic woven throughout the lessons and science was straight-up enthralling. He stirred up something inside me that made me believe I was tougher than I had been giving myself credit for. And he reminded me that my ability to get comfortable in discomfort is the most powerful tool in my arsenal during times of stress or uncertainty.

Halfway through the book, I came across a chapter about rucking, and intuitively sensed this was the universe speaking. I immediately placed an order with GORUCK for a plate carrier and weights. If you follow my stories here, you have seen what adding rucking to my fitness routine has done for me.

I will never hike through the Arctic with a elk on my back, but I will continue to take the inspiration I found in these pages and carve out an even better version of me—stronger, happier, more confident, more resilient. More than anything, I need you to understand that no matter where you are right now, YOU CAN DO THAT TOO.

P.S. I’ll have a whole video on my rucking (and how you can start) soon.

[Image: a photo of me sitting cross-legged, dressed like the book cover of The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter. On the ground in front of me is my GORUCK plate carrier with a 20-lb weight. I rucked just over 3 miles today.]

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